Sunmile SM-G33 ETL Stainless Steel Meat Grinder Reviews

Some people pay professionals to grind their meats. If you are one of them, then it is high time that you consider buying your own electric meat grinders so that you can get the job done without having to pay for your lock butchers to do it. In fact, owning one is probably one of the best things that could ever happen to you especially if you like to make your own sausages and patties. Here are the advantages on why you have to own electric meat grinders. This article gives information about meat grinder reviews.

They process food quickly

Unlike using manual grinders, you can process your protein food in a faster rate. This allows you to process large amounts of poultry, beef and pork in a shorter period of time. Thus, you can create burger patties in no time if you are planning to have a Sunday night barbecue cook out in your backyard.

They can process any kind of meat

Yes, they are not only good for processing pork but also beef, chicken, veal and venison. You can also customize the grinding. You can shred meats coarsely or finely depending on your preference and the type of food that you want to prepare. Most electric meat grinders often have different grinding settings that you can use. This feature is important for people who have different requirements for their meats.

They allow you to save money in the long run

If you think that you want your meat to be grinded at your local butcher’s shop, then think again. They can be often pricey and that since most butchers are very busy, you end up getting the product in a longer time. Now, imagine if you have an electric meat grinder for your kitchen. How much money and time do you think your will be able to save?

In case you are among those people who frequently mince meat or even enjoy stuffing sausages on a regular basis, then the kind of grinder you need is that which will make your work easy thus saving great deal of your time. Wait! Is the act of just saving time and a hassle enough? It can’t be. You need a guarantee that the machine will also ensure that you lay a high quality and delicious ground meat on your customers’ or family’s table. In a nutshell, if you are looking for a meat grinder that is functional and easy to use, then look no further than the Sunmile SM-G33 ETL Stainless Steel Meat Grinder.

Meat grinder reviews

Sunmile SM-G33 ETL Stainless Steel Meat Grinder

Special Features

· Is an 800W motor driven meat grinder

· A safety switch

· Features a reverse function

· A locked-in circuit breaker for protecting the motor from burnout

· A single button thus easy to operate

· Features a stainless steel body that’s big in size and wrapped

· Big capacity tray.

· Proper ventilation, low noise from the endurable powerful gearbox.

Product Benefits

The design of the grinder features strong metal parts construction. This means that important parts like the cutting blade have strongly been designed to be able to grind any meat.
The grinder works perfectly with clogging almost unheard of. If the meat is partially frozen, clogging is completely eliminated
A number of attachments are included in the package. You will enjoy the beauty of meat grinding as all attachments required in making of sausage, burgers, kubbe and pasta are included.
It is easy to use, can perfectly run for hours and is the best product to uniformly mince meat in no time. It’s able to grind upto about 170 pounds in an hour thus making it a good grinder for commercial use.
It comes with a manageable price tag to many.


· It is easy to set up

· It’s cheap when compared with its performance

· Easy to use

· Its long lasting

· A very fast and so efficient machine

· Easy to clean

· It features a sturdy and very durable design


· Its parts rusts with ease

· Can get clogged by fresh meat. Clogging can however be solved by partially freezing the meat

· It comes with a plastic housing

Review and Recommendations

Most customers have registered being impressed with the product at first impression. The different colors complement the properly designed and constructed grinder. The materials used to make the grinder are strong enough thus making it a suitable grinder for outdoor grinding by many customers who use it. The fact that the product is good for both home and commercial use also gets lots of thumbs high from many reviewers.


The features, specifications together with the reviews by customers effectively qualify the Sunmile SM-G33 ETL Stainless Steel Meat Grinder as one of the best meat grinders in the market. The designing company, Sunmile is itself a leading company within the industry and is credited for making quality, functional and attractive products. If you buy the product, rest assured that it will last long, serving to its very best as explained by above meat grinder reviews.

Chef’s Choice Meat Slicer 609 – Best Meat Slicer

Many kitchen appliances are essential in the average house. Toasters, machines, actually coffee producers are all samples of these. However, there is one equipment that’s frequently neglected a best meat slicer. One that hasn’t experienced the many rewards of a meat slicer may not recognize its value and the great convenience it brings to everyday meals. In this informative article, I will very fundamentally identify why you may enjoy the addition of a meat slicer to your home. give the best meat slicer you may need.

Best meat slicer

Chef’s choice meat slicer 609

What’s a meat slicer? Meat slicer is commonly used commercially in delis or by specialists. However, you will find less costly meat slicer available for home use. There are two kinds of best meat slicer, a manual slicer, or an electrical slicer. Electric slicers are the most frequent since they are easier to use. Since electrical slicers are most prevalent, that is the sort of slicer I’ll be explaining in my article. The purchase price of a best meat slicer depends on upon a range of factors.

A cutter of best meat slicer remains on sharp a long time, although in case it seems to lose sharpness typically it may be easily sharpened over a rock if an edge isn’t serrated. The true size of cutting tool may differ based on the proportions of the design. It should be removed each time a cutting tool ought to be washed. You might still find some kinds which involve a few special instruments for eliminating a cutter although in greatest best meat slicer it will continually be mentioned that most devices provide fast cleanse of easily removable elements of a device. Present day devices usually have some additional qualities which can be defined in best meat slicer reviews. Get safety and capability of the machine. For the huge benefits, being an example, there can be plastic-type pan which is developed to hold already sliced up foods. A variety of details might be added in, like a food pusher or even a food carriage that’s developed to bring food stuff before it is chopped. Such carriage might be about regular measurement while sometimes authors of food slicer reviews mention that food carriage which could be retracted and help food parts of massive forms usually are far more practical.

How would I work with a meat slicer?

A best meat slicer has several uses most obvious could be its ability to cut a variety of different meats to the desirable width or shape. Including jerky, roasts, salami, hams, or anything in volume. But beyond this, your best meat slicer also can cut cheeses, fruits, bread, and veggies. This gives for more colorful and creative meal and snack concepts for a household, in addition to for any party meals.

When it is the meat slicer for you how to know?

The two major issues of best meat slicer consumers are the difficulty of cleaning or absence of power. Those who are searching for a cheap and easy best meat slicer must be content with a small-diameter knife and low power engine. Those who are going to use their slicer often with harder meats may need to explore a far more powerful best meat slicer. Also, it is often smart to observe user reviews before making a purchase.

It is important to know how to choose the right electric best meat slicer for your home. Preparing and eating food is one of the most enjoyable activities in everyone’s life. So why not push it to an upper notch by having the perfect slices of meat in every dish from in your home. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will not just be mere “something to eat” rather, it can be a cuisine.